At the end of the rainbow

At the end of the rainbow

Is one of the best and most representative trips we have for our clients.

For us this trip is one of the most beautiful because in it you can explore the essence of the southeast of Mexico and the splendor of the Mayan Culture. It is a colorful trip, full of culture and tradition in which you will be able to observe endless sites and vestiges that make up Mexico, from pre-Hispanic cultures to beautiful natural sites. 

It is a pleasant mix that combines adventure: with tours that take you through rivers such as the Grijalva or the Usumacinta and that allow you to enter the wild life and in which you can observe the flora and fauna in their natural habitat such as dolphins, birds and a variety of flowers and plants; nature: when exploring treasures hidden in the depths of the jungle, tours of lakes and rivers such as those of Montebello and Lacantún, waterfalls and forests home to various tropical species that will leave you impressed with their beauty; archeology: by visiting the most important and characteristic impressive archaeological remains of southeastern Mexico such as Comalcalco, Balamkú, La Venta and Calakmul and in which great cultures such as the Mayan and the Olmec settled. 

Those who make this tour have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the impressive Mayan Culture and see why it is one of the most important in Mexico when visiting cities and archeological sites such as Uxmal, Chichén Itzá and Palenque; In addition, they will be able to visit a ceremonial center that shows the syncretism between pre-Hispanic culture and colonization: Chamula and Zinancantán. 

In this tour, you can witness the warmth and hospitality of the Mexican people and the way they live and preserve their cultural and gastronomic heritage, which can be observed in city tours through the most emblematic cities of this area of ​​the country, such as it is Mérida or San Cristóbal; They will also be able to witness various activities that date back to ancient times and that were the basis of the economy of some populations which are preserved today along with their ancient techniques such as cocoa plantations or henequen farms. 

As if this were not enough, our clients will be pampered by the staff of high quality hotels throughout their trip, staying in a variety of properties carefully chosen so that their experience is not limited to the attractions. From the most luxurious to properties with high historical content through those that combine in harmony with their natural environment, our clients will be able to live unimaginable experiences while ensuring their rest. And we cannot leave behind the great gastronomic variety that can be found along the route in the different cities; traditional dishes full of history and gourmet dishes that do not forget the base of Mexican gastronomy that satisfy even the most demanding palate and an endless number of rich and refreshing drinks that will leave you speechless. 

And finally, our tour culminates in one of the paradisiacal beaches of Quintana Roo, in Xpu Ha, a city located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum where our client can relax and enjoy the warm sun and the blue of the Mexican Caribbean Sea. 

Without a doubt, it is a trip that combines many elements that reveal the cultural and natural greatness of Mexico and that our clients will enjoy to the fullest.

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