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Baja California Sur is located in the Northwest of the country, occupying the southern half of the Baja California Peninsula. It borders to the North with Baja California, connected to the east by the Sea of Cortez and to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean. Its capital is the city of La Paz. It extends over an area of 73,475 km2, occupying 3.8% of the national territory.

This state offers mostly natural attractions such as whale watching, the Vizcaino desert, and the lagoon biosphere reserve. However, it also has cultural and historical attractions such as the missions of San Javier, San Ignacio, and Loreto, or the cave paintings in the Sierra de San Francisco.

The region’s cuisine includes traditional dishes such as the saturated meat mash, common clams, and generous clams within its gastronomy. It is worth mentioning that due to its excellent fishing activity, seafood is also part of its exquisite cuisine. The most representative dishes are the imperial shrimp fillet, stuffed shrimps, the lion’s claw callus, and tatemados fish.