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The most Viceroyal “Pueblo Mágico”

Guadalupe and Zacatecas City form together a metropolitan zone, the most populated settlement of the state. The grandeur of the “Pueblos Mágicos” can be seen in its vast novo-Hispanic heritage protected by the Museo de Guadalupe, in its gastronomical offer, the artisanship seen at la Casa Grande Tacoaleche, its ancient traditions that remain, and its mansions.


The first settlement in this town was on July 16, 1578, it was named Guadalupe because of the sanctuary dedicated to the Lady of Guadalupe. The tourist importance extends to the surrounding communities where we will find some impressive cones that were used as grain storage. In the year 1660, a chapel dedicated to the Virgen del Carmen (Lady of Carmen) was built, remaining in ruins in the year 1680. 

  • Typical of the Region  

In the region of Guadalupe, in the heart of the municipality, the tourists can walk through the Jardin Juárez where we find the convent of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe and inside the Capilla de Nápoles and it’s also host of the Museum of Guadalupe, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. 

  • Gastronomy 

The gastronomy stands out by its different plates which are the birria, the pipian, the torrejas, the gorditas de maíz, its drinks like the agua miel, atole de guayaba, champurrado, among others.