The Hotel is has an interesting mix between the luxury of the past and comfort of today (Colonial Arquitecture and Interior design). Located just 300 meters away from one of the most elegant avenues in the City of Mérida, the emblematic Paseo de Montejo, and just across the street of the International Congress Center. The hotel’s location makes it accessible to the most important attractions and areas of the city such as “Zócalo”, the main square in Mérida.

Mrs. Mercedes, was the daughter of a General of the mexican revolution, who was one of the first building owners. The building has a colonial architecture. Is located in one of the most important avenues of the city, Avenida Colón. A portrait of Mrs. Mercedes is featured in the hotel, as well as photos and books which are displayed throughout the property in remembrance of her and the history of this iconic Casona (Yucatecan large House).

The hotel has an interesting mix between the luxury of the past and the comfort of today. It is important to mention that the Casona (Yucatecan large house) It was the first French Consulate in México, being Mérida considered the “Paris of the New World”. The essence of the Classic Mérida accompanied with the support and comfort of our international brand is what will make the difference at Villa Mercedes Curio Collection by Hilton versus our competitors.