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“Place where it all happened”

Located in the region haciendas and cenotes. It is situated 100 km from the city of Merida. It is part of the route of the convents.

Although there is no exact historical data of the occupation of this region, the archaeological evidence in the Xcabachen cenote and in Tipikal, it is estimated that the first settlements date from between 1000 and 400 B.C. This magical town has buildings from the colonial era. The initial buildings were in charge of Fray Juan de Merida.

The convent of “San Miguel Arcángel”, is one of the main tourist attractions of this region and its importance lies in the beauty of its sacred art, from its wide façade to its open chapel and altarpiece. Under the shade of an enormous ceiba, the sacred tree of the Mayas, is the entrance to the Xcabachen cenote of which the locals will be able to tell you the legend.

You can enjoy a quiet walk through its picturesque and quiet streets with unique buildings, chapels, squares and traditional kitchens where you can taste a typical dish of the region called Puc Chuc.

This town has more than 30 meliponarios which are part of an activity inherited by the Mayans. You will have the opportunity to learn about the main species of bees found in the state and the procedure of honey production.

We also invite you to visit the artisan corridor “Tutul Chuy” where you can find various handicrafts made by the inhabitants of this region of excellent quality.