Everywhere you look, Querétaro connects you with the beauty of the past, of nature and its people, always waiting for you to discover and rediscover it with your eyes, your thoughts and your taste buds and at every step. A sudden peace embraces you as you stop in its squares and streets made for the color of unique sunrises and sunsets; the same calm that accompanies you in its Magical Towns, in the viewpoints throughout the territory; the same tranquility that you breathe in the glass of good wine and precedes the smile that produces its flavor.

No one can deny that Querétaro boasts history and culture through modernity and continuous development. Being one of the smallest territories is also where you can find one of the country’s biggest cities and a great variety of tourist attractions that range from the exuberant nature to the living traditions that shape our culture and strengthen our roots.

A state with an immense natural reserve that embodies the Sierra Gorda; an extensive area with a semi-desert climate conducive to wine and livestock breeding for the production of exquisite cheese; a state that welcomes the huapango huasteco, as well as the nightlife in the city; that develops industry as the survival of its people and traditions. Six Magical Towns and four nominations as World Heritage Sites, that is to say, few. For that, you have to live Querétaro, discover why it makes you feel good”.