Sonora is one of the surprises waiting for you on your next trip to Mexico; it’s a state located in the Northwest of the country and is part of the United States border. 

It’s a state rich in natural diversity and tourist attractions; its biosphere reserves, flora and fauna protection areas, and natural resources are just a few of what you’ll find. 

One of the best-known attractions is the Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve, which, apart from the reserve, which is quite incredible, has a museum where you can learn, deepen and raise awareness about the importance of the desert, its history, and species. 

The state has a series of very varied activities: sandboarding, hiking, boat trips, and much more. 

Its main tourist destinations are San Carlos, Guaymas, Puerto Peñasco, and Bahía Kino, which complement each other to make the trip a complete experience