Nuevo Leon ¡Extraordinary!

Located in the Northeast of Mexico, its history dates back to 11,000 years ago, data that was obtained from the discovery of cave paintings engraved in stone.

Our State offers not only to immerse yourself in its culture and customs, but also to live an adventure in its imposing mountains. It also gives you the opportunity to set a trend, enjoy its metropolis or feel firsthand how the stadiums live in each match of the different sports disciplines.

Nuevo León is the venue for great events by having an infrastructure to make any event a success that transcends borders. Also find a wide range of first-class health services with all the comforts that your trip requires.




Things to do

In Nuevo León you can enjoy unique experiences ranging from those who are nature lovers, adventurers, those who enjoy sports, or those who seek to improve their health, an ideal place for meetings to enrich themselves with our culture, the most trendy and the life of the metropolis. In Nuevo León there are activities for all types of visitors, those who are passing through and those looking for a long stay. In its Magical Towns in addition to being able to walk its streets you can carry out a large number of activities where you can see how Extraordinary Nuevo León is.


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