¡Tamaulipas: Mexico’s Best Kept Secret !

Tamaulipas is a huasteco word, It was given the name of Tamaholipa, which means "place where there are high mountains" in Huastec. Others consider that this name comes from the combination of the words ol, which means "pray", and tam, which means amount or much; that is to say that Tamaholipam would mean “place where you pray a lot”.

Located in the northeast of the Mexican Republic, the Tamaulipas tourist destinations present their visitors with a series of varieties to enjoy, which allow them to offer most of all the tourist segments that exist in the country. Nature, beach and sun, hunting, fishing, gastronomic, religious, business, health care, adventure and beautiful Magical Towns. You will find all this and more on your visit to the aptly named “Mexico’s Best Kept Secret”.

That is why, if you are looking for a destination that offers you multiple options to enjoy with your family and friends, if you want to visit beaches, rivers, cenotes, lagoons, ecological reserves, dunes and forests or get to know one of the most delicious cuisines in the country, Tamaulipas should be on your list of places to discover and where to spend your next vacation.








Through the “Conoce Tam” platform, tourists will be able to choose from more than 70 experiences, where, with the help of expert guides and tour operators, they will be able to hire and take tours that will take them to different destinations in Tamaulipas.
Nature, adventure, history, health, sustainable entertainment, solidarity experiences and experiential workshops are the options that can be chosen.


Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Towns)

The Magic Town of Tula is located 136 kilometers from Ciudad Victoria.You can visit the olive groves, enjoy the local mezcal or artisan ice cream of desert fruits.
Taking the workshops of the creative artisans of the “Cuera Tamaulipeca”, clothing that became the symbol of the state, as well as enjoying religious events that stand out for their fervor and tradition.
In the border Magical Town of Mier you can visit the temple of the “Immaculate Conception”, a construction dating from 1756, it is a construction based on sandy stone from this region. Also on your tour you can climb its bell tower and appreciate the clock brought from France, one of the oldest in the state that is in operation. Highlighting the tour of one of the most important boot factories and the binational cuisine that is enjoyed in this destination.

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