The best experience in Mexico – Holbox

The best experience in Mexico – Holbox

One of the best trips I have had the experience to live in Mexico was at Holbox Island. Mexico Is known for its amazing beaches, and this destination is not an exception. Holbox is an Island approximately 3 hours from Cancun, where you can walk and walk inside its peaceful Caribbean sea as if you were walking in a natural pool.

Being part of the Caribbean, it maintains its turquoise color, white sand and amazing climate. The experience I had the luck to live was inside its ocean. I started the morning by walking in to the ocean, I walked and walked a lot inside, getting very far away from the beach and the water only covered my legs. Once inside I started noticing a big shadow getting very close towards the place I was standing, I was too far from the beach to run or swim back, and not knowing what to do, I decided to stay still and hope it wasn’t anything dangerous. As I saw the shadow getting closer and closer I started noticing that the water was splashing a lot. I still had no idea what an amazing experience I was about to live. It turn out to be a big bank of baby stingrays, approximately there were between 40 to 45 of these amazing creatures swimming freely in its natural habitat not caring I was standing in their way.

They swam between my legs letting me feel thru their energy its freedom, letting me be part of their journey, and letting me value how wonderful is the nature in México. Obviously I stayed still to avoid interrupt their journey and also not to scare and avoid getting sting by its tail, that I’ve heard that could be very painful, however fortunately I was not able to experience that pain. I saw them leave but they left me with an inspiring sensation, and amazed of how beautiful our world is. Once they left I was able to move again and I went back to the beach to reflect the experience that I had just lived. I lied down on the beach and let the sun soak my skin while I remembered the sensation I had just lived.

Holbox Island is a peaceful small destination, where its main avenue is made of sand with a small brick boulevard. Here there are no cars, everyone moves around on bicycle, Golf Karts or by walking, because everything is close no matter where in the island you are located.  It doesn’t have big chain hotels or big shops, its mainly small boutique hotels and small local bars and restaurants. Its main square is full of live but with a mystical energy where everyone that is there is very friendly and happy to welcome you.

Two other amazing experiences you can live in this peaceful destination are swimming with the whale shark, which ironically is not a whale or a shark, it’s the largest fish in the world, it can measure up to 8 meters long, and the other experience is at night, you are able on some nights to see how the sea lights up in its bioluminescent ocean. On those nights if you walk on the water you can see how your feet light up as the water runs down your skin.

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