Zacatecas Dazzling!

Each visit to Zacatecas entails a new experience. This dazzling destination never ceases to astonish as its quirks foster countless memories: from its beautiful capital and the scenic illumination of its historic city center, to its gastronomy, architecture, archeological zones, and its “Pueblos Mágicos”. In short, possibilities are endless. Zacatecas, as a welcoming destination, is capable of dazzling every tourist. Every traveler will follow a wonderful itinerary, whether they decide to travel on their own, as a couple, as a family, together with friends, or with a group. Zacatecas’ uniqueness invites tourists to return, and once they are back, visitors live an entirely new experience. Each visit to this beautiful state involves an encounter with traditions, art, history, new adventures, and magic, in addition to its stunning beauty.



What to do

Zacatecas is a destination compatible with every type of traveler, including from solo visitors, to couples, families, groups of friends, and seniors. It offers diverse activities and experiences which adapt to each of these groups’ preferences. These experiences are closely connected to the state’s assets: from its museums, history, archeological zones, and “Pueblos Mágicos”, to even its mines and skies.

Magical Towns




Pueblos Mágicos (magical towns)

The magical towns of Yucatán are full of charm and culture. In addition, they offer different activities in their surroundings.



Archaeological zones

The archaeological zones of Zacatecas are full of history and culture. In addition, they offer different activities in their surroundings such as swimming in cenotes, ecotourism, adventure; as well as wedding settings and a variety of crafts.


Top Selection

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Best Restaurants

Zacatecan food is not only one of the most traditional, spicy, and innovative, but also product of the hard work of farming lands, with an astounding diversity of flavors all over the state. Among the most popular and classic dishes are the “asado de boda” – “puerco picante y especiado”, “gorditas de guisados”, “ate” (candied fruit) served with regional cheese, “tacos envenenados”, “torrtas de malpaso”, “chamorro”, Zacatecan mezcal and “Tierra Adentro” wine.




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