Acapulco has it all!!

Get ready to live your next adventure!

Acapulco is recognized for being Mexico’s first international tourist port. The warmth of its people, its wide range of tourist activities that suit all tastes and age groups, culture, gastronomy, wellness and relaxation, nature, adventure, romance, shopping, and the best events make it one of the main beach destinations in Mexico.

Its flawless natural beauty is framed by more than 50 kilometers of beach, two bays surrounded by lush mountains, and two lagoons accompanied by impressive mangroves that will allow you to enjoy this iconic Mexican destination in a different and unique way.

They say that everyone has a memorable anecdote in Acapulco; it’s time for you to write your own story in the turquoise waters of this Pacific paradise.



Acapulco has many amazing viewpoints, spectacular sunsets, historical sites, fabulous architecture and so much beauty that you can spend your entire vacation taking photos. You can visit archaeological sites, relax on the beautiful beaches, and visit different shopping areas.

Upcoming events in Acapulco

Due to its outstanding tourist projection, world renowned, Acapulco is frequently chosen as the venue for important events. Festivals, fairs, exhibitions and high-level sporting events are some of the events that take place year after year in this magnificent port of Guerrero. The variety and attractiveness of such events integrates an additional tourist magnet, which makes traveling to Acapulco more enjoyable.

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