Verena Knopp

Originally from Germany, she has a degree in Tourism Business Administration.

Verena has 30 years of experience in the sector and is the founder of SAT Mexico. She began her professional career in Germany, in Frankfurt, as the Commercial Director for one of the most prestigious organizations in Latin America. In 1990 she began her career in Mexico. 

Verena’s talent has been reflected in the success of a humane, creative and competitive company.  

In this new stage as President of CONEXSTUR, she has as her main objectives: 

  • Continue with and generate new projects that will position Mexico in the international market.
  • Reinforce the work of the Incoming Tour Operator in our country.
  • Collaborate with Associations of the Tourism Sector and other countries. 
  • Establish certain lines and plans of working with strategic alliances. 
  • Work with the media. 

The responsibility of leading 16 Incoming Tour Operators in Mexico in times of crisis will be a demanding experience, involving teamwork and maintaining the quality that characterizes our Association.

Verena Knopp

President of CONEXSTUR
(2020- Actual)

Arnaldo Pinazzi

President of CONEXSTUR (2017-2020)
Italian, Pinazzi began promoting our country in 1986 from Italy. Convinced of the great potential of that destination, after four years of hard work with the project of exporting Italian tourists to Mexico, he embarked on a trip to Cancun with great enthusiasm. There, in 1990, he took charge of the Grupo Meca office, and in a very short time, positioned the brand in the state of Quintana Roo. Later he consolidated the expansion of the company to the state of Yucatan by opening an office in Merida so that after 8 years he could take over the management of the agency's headquarters in Mexico City. After 27 years of positioning Mexico as a tourist destination worldwide, Arnaldo assumes the important position of president of CONEXSTUR.

Alicia Mejía

President of CONEXSTUR (2014-2017)
Public Accountant by profession and passionate about Tourism, with 30 years of experience in inbound tourism and in the development of national products for promotion at an international level. Within MEXITOURS she has been a key part of the growth and strengthening of the industry, achieving several recognitions such as the Pochteca de Plata in 2016, granted by SECTUR (Ministry of Tourism) Mexico City. In 2017 Alicia received the X-Kay award from the Association of Tourism Journalists and Editors. In 2019 she won the El Ángel del Turismo award, a recognition granted for her great work in promoting Mexico worldwide. One of her great achievements during the presidency of CONEXSTUR was the creation of the legal concept of OPERADOR TURISTICO RECEPTIVO (Inbound Tourism Operator), currently included in SECTUR’s (Ministry of Tourism) National Tourism Catalog. Alicia was part of the board of directors of AFEET (Association of Female Executives in Travel), as well as director and representative of Mexico in FIASEET (International Federation of AFEET associations). Since 2018, she has been a member of the board of directors of Club Skal, and currently participates on the board of directors of the Metropolitan Association of Travel Agencies.
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Rene Rodríguez

President of CONEXSTUR (2010- 2014)
An electrical engineer, he graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, and retired as assistant national manager from Mexico’s CFE (Federal Electricity Commission). Rene is the General Director of the wholesale agency of inbound tourism, Ketzaltour S.A. de C.V., which he founded in June 1997. He has participated in the Design of the Operating System for Wholesale Inbound Tourism Agencies; is Creative Director CD and web page TIPS4TRAVEL, for the promotion of Mexico and advertising and sales of tourist accommodation services. Member of the board of directors of AMAV- DF (Mexican Association of Travel Agencies) and as vice-president of inbound tourism on two occasions. Founding president of CONEXSTUR.
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