In Queretaro I found Mexico

In the Bajio region, the state of Querétaro is a tourist pearl in the interior of the country. In Queretaro, you find Mexico through its traditions, culture, history, nature, and human warmth. In Queretaro you find Mexico behind the ancestral sparkles of its Otomi communities, rites, and customs that have survived the centuries; behind the cute indigenous rag dolls that symbolize our roots beyond borders.

You find Mexico in the colonial and baroque architecture of its capital, the impressive museums that house local, national, and international artistic works; in the moments that marked essential scenes in the history of the country, cradle of the Independence conspiracies and final destination of the empire that ended its days in the Cerro de las Campanas.

In Queretaro, you find Mexico through the immense variety of climates and natural landscapes in its territory, ranging from forests to semi-desert, from the high mountains to the immense prairies that accompany the highways and roads of the state, from the hills populated with biznagas to the flowing rivers and dams, in the diversity of ecosystems and microclimates of the Sierra Gorda, one of the main protected natural areas of the country and the most eco-diverse of all Mexican territory.

In Queretaro you find Mexico for its traditional gastronomy, but also for the creativity of the new cuisine that emerges in its restaurants, in the talent and passion of the winemakers who have made the state one of the most important for the production of national wine in recent years.

In Queretaro you will find a creative Mexico that has made lodging an experience and adventures and tours something worth enjoying like nowhere else in the republic, with its warmth as the people in every corner of the state, welcomes you with a smile.

Come and discover why Queretaro concentrates the best of a country, of our Mexico.


Although in appearance its territory is small, the variety of tourist experiences in Querétaro is surprising. From a vigorous wine region designed to satisfy demanding palates and create a new culture of wine consumption, to the large number of haciendas, venues and experiences for lovers, Querétaro conquers all types of visitors, even the most adventurous travelers. Come and discover it!

Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Towns)

San Sebastian Bernal, Jalpan de Serra, Cadereyta de Montes, Tequisquiapan, San Joaquin, Amealco and Pinal de Amoles are the seven towns included in the list of Mexico’s Magical Towns. Traditions, nature, culture and a great number of tourist attractions distinguish these towns whose magic can be perceived with all the senses.

Archaeological Zones

Querétaro has a great cultural and historical wealth that has been engraved in the four areas of archaeological monuments it has, either hidden among the landscapes of the Sierra Gorda, or completely visible from afar in the great metropolitan area of the city. El Cerrito, Ranas, Tancama, and Toluquilla are vestiges of our ancestors worth visiting on your next trip.

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