¡Chiapas Spirit of the Mayan World!

Chiapas is a spirit of freedom, consciousness, mysticism and  adventure; to enter its territory is to be transported to places  where every day is honored through its charm, fantasy and  enigma, offering unique experiences to anyone who has the  desire to live intensely and unforgettably.  

Chiapas is a destination with attractions for all tastes, from  mountains and cliffs with exquisite landscapes, impressive  waterfalls that steal sighs for its splendor and beautiful beaches  to relax; to impressive biosphere reserves with species of flora  and fauna that can not be observed anywhere else in the world.  But that's not all, Chiapas is also home to cities of great history,  with a rich artistic and cultural heritage, as well as towns and  communities where the people keep alive their millenary legacy.  Dare to open the door to infinite emotions and visit a land for  memory and evocation; a destination that cannot be missing in  any traveler's list. Visit Chiapas, spirit of the Mayan world.




Nature and adventure, living cultures, archaeology, gastronomy,  romance, ecotourism centers and exquisite cuisine. In Chiapas  you will always find a unique, sensory and fun experience; we  are a destination for all tastes with a wide range of experiences,  which could go from drinking coffee in a coffee farm in the  mountains to releasing newborn turtles in a reserve in Puerto  Arista.


Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Towns)

Epic Mayan archeological sites, beautiful colonial architecture,  traditional festivities and natural wonders are the attractions  you will find when touring the magical towns of Chiapas: San  Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapa de Corzo, Comitan de  Dominguez and Palenque, destinations that, for their tradition,  buildings, gastronomy, and history, without forgetting their  people, have been recognized with this distinction.


Archaeological zones

Our history has been steeped in grandeur since ancient times, it  was here that the Maya left their mark hundreds of years ago.  Myths, rituals, architecture and nature are the guides in this  journey to the past and present of Chiapas. Surprising  mountain scenery and rivers, as well as jungles and forests, in  search of the soul of our people, get ready to embark on a  journey straight to the heart of our land!

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