Veracruz, wealth, and fun that await you!!

Living in Veracruz is a unique experience in the world. Our state has been the gateway for visitors and explorers, a witness to the history and formation of Mexico as a nation. Veracruz is the protagonist of the multicultural process that has given us identity in the eyes of the world.

The state has all kinds of impressive landscapes, unmistakable flavors, dance, interesting characters, history, and proof that the state of Veracruz is a magical place that leaves tourists satisfied and wanting to return.

The seven tourist regions are divided to be able to locate each interesting point. In the north of Veracruz is the Huasteca Region where the wind caresses the trees and the echo of the falsetto is heard.

The Totonaca region has a heritage full of cultural wealth; This region is the holder of three cultural patrimonies of humanity.
If you travel through the Cultura y Aventura region, you will be able to marvel at the typical towns and the manor of their architecture. The same will happen in the High Mountains, where the hills and Pico de Orizaba become guardians of rivers and valleys.

In the region where Hernan Cortes landed for the first time, you can relive the history and the formation of the miscegenation between the original and European peoples.

To the south of the state, the jungle has echoes of magic and natural diversity. Los Tuxtlas waits to hypnotize with its great settings and rich traditions. Not to mention that the Olmec Region, the heart of the mother culture, protects the proof of the material ingenuity of our people.

Veracruz is a destination that promises and holds wonders in every corner. Rest assured that knowing it will be a door to an amazing Mexico



Sites full of magic, learning and interactive tours. The experiences offered by the state are ready for visitors to learn a little more about the history and the processes involved in generating from a cup of coffee to the flavor of vanilla. Although they are popular destinations, they are ripe for discovery.

Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Towns)

We are already eight! Veracruz has eight cities that represent the beauty of their traditions, gastronomy, and traditional products. The eight emblems of Veracruz have something prepared for each visitor: gastronomy, world heritage, fauna, flora, and adventure; these sites await you with a smile and open arms.

Archaeological Zones

They are vestiges of the greatness of our native peoples. The archaeological zones of Veracruz can give evidence of the different times of the pre-Columbian peoples before the arrival of the Spaniards. Visitors will be able to find the ingenuity of architecture, painting, and sculpture of ancient cultures.

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Events in Veracruz

Veracruz brings together the best events and the best possible public. Each party within the state has its charm and, in many cases, they reflect the good organization and tourist vocation that the people of Veracruz offer. These festivals are a small sample of the joy that emanates from each gathering.

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