Tamaulipas – Fam Trip

Tamaulipas – Fam Trip

Tamauliupas Mexico’s Best Kept Secret we went into the caves of the Reserva Ecológica (ecological reserve) Bio Ventura, in the municipality of Aldama, where we found what was once a barracks and refuge for combatants in the Mexican Revolution. We visited El Zacatón, a 319 meters Deep well, known as the “World’s Deepest Cenote”, this natural wonder has surprised and disturbed NASA.

We visited the iconic bar “Las Glorias de Baco” better known as Don Cheto’s; it was founded in Ciudad Madero in 1953 by Don José Marín “El Médico Cheto”, a bartender from Jalisco who found in Tamaulipas the cure for many ailments and with his preparations he quenched the thirst of its visitors. 

Tamaulipas has two towns that belong to the Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos Programme: Mier and Tula. 

Mier and Tula

We visited Tula with 400 years of history and we were delighted by its Church of San Antonio de Padua, its typical sorbet of Pitahaya or Garambullo and we witnessed one of the regional dances called “A pie” or “A caballo”. It is also the oldest town in the state and  where the typical regional costume was originally created and know as Cuera Tamaulipeca.

Finally we arrived at Biosfera (Biosphere) El Cielo , a beautiful place where nature reigns here. There are four different ecosystems: semi-desert, mesophilic mountain forest, temperate forest and tropical forest. This is truly a place to disconnect completely, an authentic paradise away from technology and noise, ideal for ecotourism such as bird watching, hiking. Even there you can find either black bears or jaguars!, it is said this is the only place in México where both species converge. This is a protected area and we recommend to visit it with local specialists, who know the place deeply and passionately.