Traveling as family, synonym of union

Traveling as family, synonym of union

The union that surrounds Mexican families is completely unique in the world, for a home there is  nothing more valuable than the members that make it up. 

Mexico appreciates very much the family value in different areas, but when taking a trip, it  becomes much more special, so surely you wonder, what recommendations can I receive? What  places should I visit? Therefore, we will share some recommendations we think might come in  handy.  

Mexican traveling in Mexico? 


The needs of children will not be the same as those of an adolescent and in the same way, an  older adult will not seek the same thing as an adult athlete adventurous. I recommend making a  consensus to verify what each member of the family wants.  

Create memories

Once the journey begins and the adventures begin, everyone will be creating moments that they will treasure forever, that is why each situation must be taken with positivism, even if it is a bad  situation because each memory will be an anecdote of the trip. 

Mexico is completely full of wonders that will make us enjoy any trip, although they do not happen  exclusively to Mexicans. That is why we include some points for our friends from other countries. 

Foreigner traveling in Mexico? 


One of the values that characterize the Mexican people is hospitality. We have Mexican sayings  that prove it; such as “Where 3 eat, eat 4”. This reflects the kindness of Mexican families. 

Exchange of cultures. 

This is the most interesting thing that can be in a conversation between people of other  nationalities. There can be hours of entertainment while you share differences in words, sayings,  songs, etc. 

Where to travel? 

If at some point your biggest challenge is not being able to choose between the countless  destinations from Mexico, we list some suggestions

Environment or ecosystem 

One of the main factors in choosing a destination will always be the weather, whichever you look for Mexico has it. 

Do you want heat and beach? We have the heavenly Acapulco, the tropical Cancun and the aphrodisiac Puerto Vallarta 

Do you want forest and cold? We have the immense Copper Canyon, the legendary Xinantecátl  Volcano in Toluca and the Sombrerete Town in Zacatecas 

Magic Town City 

If what you are looking for are cultural activities, Mexico is full of them. 

Do you want a city with museums, shopping malls, theaters, department stores? We have the hot  Monterrey in Nuevo León, the pride of Jalisco; Guadalajara and of course Mexico City. 

Do you want a quiet place, full of history and picturesque landscapes? Here the specialty are our  Magical Towns, a total of 121, such as, Taxco, our World Capital of Silver and San Miguel de  Allende, our “Best small city of the world” 

Natural / cultural attraction 

The motivator par excellence will always be a natural / cultural attraction and Mexico is full of  them.  

Do you want an unforgettable place, with the presence of nature at its maximum splendour? Bacalar, Magical Town is home to the Laguna de los 7 Colores. 

The fauna can be seen throughout our country, but it is appreciated with greater beauty in our  multiple sanctuaries such as the Golondrina Sótano in San Luis Potosí, the Whale Sanctuary in Los  Cabos, the Monarch Butterflies in Michoacán and the mystical fireflies in Tlaxcala 

As you will see, Mexico is not only its great extension of land, Mexico is its DIVERSITY. We hope  that these blog recommendations will clarify some doubts and they can help plan better your vacations. 

Mexico will not only leave a mark on your mind, your heart and your soul, it will leave a mark on your future and in your family.