The route begins in Papantla, the "city that perfumes the world", where the vanilla plantation is cultivated and protected, with which sweets, figures, and handicrafts are made.

Within the Mercado Hidalgo de Papantla, you can purchase the aforementioned items, as well as the natural essence that is used for cooking, flavoring, and even as a perfume of natural origin.

There are some routes inside vanilla plantations such as the Ecopark Xanath, where you can live with artisans from the area and farmers specialized in planting this representative pod of Veracruz.
On the itinerary you can see the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion, representative of this Magical Town, adorned with motifs alluding to the vanilla orchid, which is adjacent to the square where the ritual ceremony of the Papantla Flyers is held; proof of syncretism carried out between natives and Spaniards.

Papantla is the perfect destination to appreciate indigenous legends and traditions. It is imperative to visit the Vanilla Monument and learn about the legend of how this orchid was born.

Several tours offered in the municipality include a tour of homes that are dedicated to the industrialization of vanilla and the home process before the extraction of the essence. Among the options, you can also make figures and fabrics with vanilla.

In the Central Plaza of Papantla is the mural "Homage to the Totonaca Culture", by Teodoro Cano, one of the great muralists from Veracruz and a student of the painters Diego Rivera and Jose Chavez Morado.

In addition to a mandatory tour of the archaeological zone of Tajin, a jewel of Veracruz and declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, there are guides who recommend a walk through Cuyuxquihui, located 27 kilometers from Papantla and part of one of the cities built after the fall of El Tajin.

Cuyuxquihui is located at the top of the Sierra, surrounded by cedars, avocados, and bamboo. On the main property, there are several pyramids, murals, small squares, mural paintings, and figures of the Totonac gods.

Without a doubt, this walk will be a delight for the senses, mainly for the smell. Within this Magical Town, surrounded by hills and vanilla trees, time will stop to be able to get closer to the tradition and history of the roots of the Veracruz blood.


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