Xalapa and its Culture Festival

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The capital of Veracruz is Xalapa; and Xalapa is culture, art, and music of great quality. Today there is an option rich in expressions, settings, and disciplines in a colonial city and home of great artists.

The Xalapa and its Culture Festival was conceived to take the hand of tourism interested in the artistic expressions of a city full of specialized spaces, which has an international-class orchestra, and the interest of the authorities in the promotion of fine arts.

Only this 2023, this meeting organized 130 culinary activities, literature, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, theater, music, and dance performances.

Among the spaces dedicated to the Xalapa Festival and its Culture is the J.J. Herrera, the Municipal Palace of Xalapa, the Museum of Veracruz Music, the Casa de Xalapa Museum, the Xalapeño Recreation Center, and the historic Parque Juarez.

This Festival seeks to bring culture to all social integration centers, workshops, auditoriums, and schools in the city of Xalapa and not only in the City Center.

One of the most popular events is the gastronomic exhibition in the Xallitic neighborhood, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the State and the center of Xalapa’s history as a Totonac settlement and later as a popular neighborhood in the capital of Veracruz.

Xalapa International Festival and its Culture is a sample of the interest in procuring the formation and dissemination of expressions of art in Athens Veracruzana.

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