A new route that offers everything related to the production of maguey, the production of pulque and its derivatives. As well as the wonders that a single plant can offer to humanity.

The route conforms the Archaeological Zone of Tecoaque that comes from the Nahuatl word whose meaning has been interpreted as "place where the lords or gods were eaten", it shelters an extraordinary collection of pieces that are worth admiring.

The cuauhxicalli (sacred deposit of the hearts of the sacrificed), the yokes and the burial dedicated to the goddess Mayahuel, (goddess of pulque). Of the most outstanding is the octecomatl (vessel in the form of maguey), as well as the burials of a sacrificed young woman, where elements associated with the goddess Mayahuel appeared; and that
of a warrior surrounded by mulatto women to which they inserted maguey thorns, characteristics of the self sacrifice and European accessories, since here a caravan of allies of Hernán Cortés was captured to later sacrifice and devour them.

Las Magueyeras de Tepuente, includes mead and pulque tasting, environmental education workshop, mayahuel ritual and maguey based cuisine tasting.

At Magueyero Corporative San Isidro you will learn about the planting of the maguey and the process of scraping it, the extraction of the honey water, the production of pulque, as well as the canning process. In San Cayetano you will learn about the distillation and tasting of the pulque agave through a guided tour, complemented by a Hacienda kitchen.



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