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Between hills, fog, and mountains, there are these three Magical Towns of the High Mountains where there are legends, coffee, and rum. Here it is verified that Veracruz has all kinds of climates, scenarios, and gastronomy: Coscomatepec, Cordoba, and Orizaba are examples of the beauty of Veracruz.

Be sure to go to Coscomatepec, a charming and picturesque Magical Town located between two large ravines, this being the main access to Pico de Orizaba, the largest mountain in Mexico.

If it is about gastronomy, be sure to try the famous “triangulitos” and the wood bread. Start with a tour of the city to learn about the historical and cultural wealth of the town, visiting the Local History Museum, the Temple of San Juan Bautista, its Central Park, the traditional bakeries, as well as the different places where they make saddlery products.

If you are an adventure lover, you can ascend to the Piedra Grande Lodge, located on the slopes of the majestic Citlaltépetl (Pico de Orizaba), with an altitude of 4,200 meters above sea level, where you can see splendid places surrounded by beautiful ideal scenery. for hiking and mountain biking.

The next point is Córdoba, the City of 30 Knights and cradle of the treaties that, on August 24, 1821, gave us freedom from the Spanish Crown. This point in history is now remembered in the Portales de Córdoba, which await you to discover them.

Visit the Ex-Hacienda San Francisco Toxpan, one of the first sugar mills in the country, and without a doubt, it had great historical importance in the entity, since it was an icon of the region’s economy between the 18th and 19th centuries; you can take a guided tour of the former mill and the Old Sugar Factory and the Cane Museum. In addition to a wide range of liquors such as rum, red wine, sherry, and fruits that are produced in the town.

Another option is to visit the Cafetalera San Felipe where you can learn about the coffee route from the plant to the cup. Its orchards are another attraction since there are fruit trees in the area and you can participate in the harvest and buy what is produced there.

To conclude the tour, get to know part of the state history with the imposing historical buildings of Orizaba such as the Ignacio de la Llave Theater, Palacio de Hierro, State Art Museum, Municipal Palace, Municipal Archive, San Miguel de Arcangel Cathedral, along with a walk on the banks of the river, where you can enjoy the animal reserve, and then take a break and enjoy Orizabeña gastronomy.

A symbolic attraction of this Magical Town is the Cable Car to arrive at Cerro del Borrego and enjoy the best panoramic view of the Orizaba Valley. A must-visit is the Poliforum Mier y Pesado, where you will enter the original and children’s world of “Cri-Cri”, as well as the Museums of Orizaba Yesterday and Today and the Costume Museum.

A tip to visit during holiday seasons, and if you are a lover of chilling experiences, is to take the tour bus that will take you through the Triangle of Terror in the Ex-Convent of San Jose de Gracia, as well as the night tour of the Municipal Pantheon.

This trip is an excellent option for a weekend. The area of the High Mountains awaits you because its attractions are a different alternative to a colonial Veracruz and full of history.